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The Power Of Awareness Institute

The Power of Awareness Institute's purpose is to increase your personal safety and empower your freedom through awareness and preparation.

I'm on a mission...

Put simply, it's to save lives, possibly even yours. With the The Power of Awareness  you can change your approach to personal safety from passive bystander to becoming your own personal safety expert. Your personal safety is your responsibility and no one else’s. That is a simple fact. And the two foundations your safety stands upon are possessing situational awareness and listening to your intuition. The first can be developed and improved. The second is a million years of self-preservation that is already speaking to you, in a tiny voice, if you listen.

Whether you’re an international business traveler strolling the Rive Gauche in Paris, or a soccer parent navigating an unfamiliar part of town in a car stuffed full of distracting pre-teens, there are six rules you can apply to keep yourself safe. Easy to understand and implement, they’re designed with the general public in mind, yet sophisticated enough to be applied by security professionals.


My intention is to reach people around the world and I recognize not everyone reads books. That's why we founded The Power of Awareness Institute, so you can learn & practice its principles online. To learn more click above for the institute or below for the book.

Writing is my profession (you can read about my military career in the About the Author section), therefore my website is tailored to books, but life is more than just our professions. Living is about balance and enjoying life as best we can, so you'll find videos of speedflying and other activities I enjoy in addition to a few thoughts on life. Take a look around and I hope you find something of value and enjoyment here along with a good book.

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