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I love books. Everything about them. Inside is wisdom, knowledge, sex, thrills, agency, friendship, loss, victory, identity, conflict, and love. The list is endless really. Books meet our desire for the tangible and tactile. They have the weight of permanence. They feel good.


I also love the business of books. Writing them and thinking about stories is my daily experience, in addition to a bit of skiing, or speedflying.  Even editing (the bane of authorship) is such a valuable exercise and the result is always an improved word. To visit your publisher in Manhattan and walk their floors where every cubicle is literally stuffed with books and author material is immensely thrilling and satisfying. These people live their days by and through books and book writing.


Writing is my profession (you can read about my military career in About the Author), therefore my website is tailored to books, but life is more than just our professions. Living is about balance and a good time, so you'll find videos of speedflying and other activities I enjoy in addition to a few thoughts on life. Take a look around and I hope you find something of value and enjoyment here along with a good book.

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